Mousehold Heath Defenders


About Us


"When the Mousehold Heath Defenders was formed in the Autumn of 1972, it was agreed that there was a need for a new action group to assist and supplement the governing body of the Heath, The Mousehold Heath Conservators, and since that time the aims of the Defenders have remained true and constant.


Mousehold Heath is a rare and precious thing and the Defenders are dedicated to the task of defending the Heath against those who would treatit as a rubbish dump, against  motorists who would abuse it and against the possibility of speculators who might want to build on it.


  In the more positive sense the Mousehold Heath Defenders will strive to restore the long lost status of Mousehold; to stimulate a wider interest, pride and affection for this unique open space, bringing municipal conservation into mutual conformity."



Taken from the Introduction  to the leaflet Mousehold , A Short History

written by Geoffrey Goreham, Mousehold Heath Defender and Mousehold Heath Conservator.

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