Mousehold Heath Defenders


It is raining outside, I’m reluctant to go

But Tricky’s excited, I just can’t say no
The traffic is heavy; we wait for a space
Then hurry across to a much calmer place

Stepping out lively, leaving noise far behind
We follow the track that begins to unwind
Muddy and wet though rain has stopped falling
 Tricky’s gone off because nature is calling

I walk on with care, as I don’t want to slip
My head is uncovered feeling more than one drip
There are plenty of puddles scattered around
And soggy, brown leaves laying limp on the ground

Tricky runs past feeling much better now
I follow on; a frown furrows my brow
Then rounding the bend I see a carpet of gold
And a riot of colour begins to unfold

A shower of raindrops makes me look high
Where two cheeky squirrels go scampering by
Tricky gives chase to the base of an oak
While they watch from above as if sharing a joke

The trees stretch up tall as they reach for the sky
Showing small, slender branches as light dances by
The branches, now bare, cause the nests to appear
Which are hiding their families until the New Year

A smile on my face now, I pause for a rest
As many emotions abound in my breast
Tricky waits with me, which adds to the hush
Time to stand still now, no need to rush

There is beauty that glistens down at my feet
Natures’ blazing around me, it’s all such a treat
I want to say ‘Thankyou’, to stop and to pray
I’m in God’s own Cathedral, what a wonderful day!


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