Mousehold Heath Defenders


 Farewell To My Tree


Wrap your branches around me and hold me in tight

Cocoon me and don't let me fall

Whisper the windsong to me through your leaves

As you tower above me so tall


Let sun smile down warmly to dance on my face

Pointing upwards through leaves at the sky

Feel my eyes gently close as I lay back my head

And my breathing becomes just a sigh


So safe now you're solid just there at my back

With your branches supporting my arms

Succoured and held by your weatherworn trunk

There's no need for worries or qualms


But now they have taken my proud, sturdy tree

Cruelly chopped down in it's prime

My strong staunch support has been carted away

Without even committing a crime


Just how could they do such a terrible thing

And nobody ever asked me

So the haven I visit will not be the same

Now they've taken my beautiful tree.


Pat Dent

Defender Poetess

Norwich 02/07...