Mousehold Heath Defenders


Aims of the Mousehold Heath Defenders



  (1) To work collectively in the preservation and maintenance of  the area in Norwich known as MOUSEHOLD HEATH


   (2) To ensure that the topography and entity of MOUSEHOLD HEATH survives without encroachment or unnecessary "improvement " and that the beauty and amenity of the HEATH is not reduced.


   (3) By the organisation of social and purposeful activities to restore the eroding status of  MOUSEHOLD HEATH as an important open space within an urban area.


   (4) By the promotion of literature and other forms of publicity, to stimulate public interest in the preservation of MOUSEHOLD HEATH.


   (5) To establish co-operative links with the official governing body for MOUSEHOLD HEATH  (The Mousehold Heath Conservators) and to advise the authority of the policies generated by the MOUSEHOLD HEATH DEFENDERS concerning the problems of heath conservation and preservation.