Mousehold Heath Defenders




Mrs Pat Siano

Mousehold Heath Defender




Pat’s lived next to Mousehold for all of her life

As child and as adult, as mother and wife

Playing in bracken and dodging through trees

Shouting and laughing hair blown by the breeze


The child saw just where a plane crashed from the sky

And witnessed how war let that moment pass by

The adult remembering worked hard to conceive

A plan, which gave loved ones their lost chance to grieve


Pat strolled many pathways while sun shone above

It was there one bright Sunday she met her true love

The path that they followed gave them a rough ride

Though despite many obstacles stayed side by side


Their children around them they’d sway hand in hand

Whilst bands played great music up there on the stand

Her efforts at fund raising rolled back the years

Replacing the bandstand amid joyous cheers


With silver haired crown topping bright smiling face

Pat still walks on Mousehold but at slower pace

Conserving with honour that’s how she is seen

Long live this Defender  -  our own Mousehold Queen





PJD  10/07



Our Pat