Mousehold Heath Defenders


Pat's Poem


On Mousehold Heath there stands a tree

That's where my resting place will be

Sunrise I'll watch in all its wonder

Feel hail and snow and rain and thunder

Sunset I'll see as it spreads its glory

Across a sky that's framed before me

And best of all I'll feel the wind

Blowing gently, my best friend

Or roaring loudly, wild and free

Yes, that's the place I choose to be



I've walked the Heath across the years

It's soothed my soul and calmed my fears

I've had so many hours of pleasure

Walking and dreaming whatever the weather

It's been theJungle , for the boys and me

With a lion or an elephant behind every tree

It's been the place that the dogs loved to walk

Also the place where there's no need for talk

But most of all, is its meaning to me

Its the place that has been , my sanctuary...


Pat Dent  01/04