Mousehold Heath Defenders


Remorseless Gorse

  Twisted and bent, blackened and sad they stood

Starkly against the grey sky

On a soft rolling slope of gentle green fern

With the roadway meandering by


Arson or accident caused devastation, flaming

A swathe of dead ground

Leaving bare markers that painfully show

Where the once lush green growth did abound


Mother Nature’s resiliant, determined and strong

Renewing a beautiful sight

So sometimes it’s nice just to lend her a hand

And remove the reminders that blight  


Twisted and bent, blackened yet proud they stood

Surveying the work of the morn’

Five mighty heaps by the side of the road

There to be shredded and torn


Shoulder to shoulder they ‘d bent to the task

Toiling away through the day

Stopping only for water that Clare did insist on

To keep dehydration at bay


Sweat soaked and weary, black from the soot

Muscles incredibly tender

We stagger off home to lay in a hot bath

I’m glad I became a Defender  !!!


Pat Dent