Mousehold Heath Defenders


Site of My Tree

Site of My Tree



Go across the main road to the large playing field

That’s surrounded by trees on all sides

The goal posts, they rotted a long time ago and

Each worn patch the grass deftly hides


Now head for the green bin that’s there for the waste

There is one with a bench at it’s side

Keeping them on your left go to bench number two

That a large tree is trying to hide


In front of you now is a very tall fir

A splendidly old evergreen

Leave that on your right and continue to walk

The path on which others have been


Turn again to the right, pass a comfortable seat

To the memories of Cissy and Keith

They owned the Red Setter I saw quite a lot

As I wandered the ways of the Heath


To the left of this path stands my beautiful tree

It is perfectly shaped and stands proud

It’s surrounded by others and yet stands alone

It could never be lost in the crowd


At its feet grow the heather, the fern and the gorse

In its branches live squirrels and birds

The life of each season it glories anew

And its beauty’s uncaptured by words……..