Mousehold Heath Defenders






Dawn is waking up the earth with golden rays of sun

Dewdrops twinkle brightly on the webs that have been spun

Silence from what man’s made still hovers all around

As song from mother nature simply glories in its sound

And underneath the canopy of  luscious, weighty green

Life plays all around me and so much cannot be seen


With hands and back I feel the strength of solid, sturdy bark

With ears I hear the joyous birds that all sing like a lark

My feet are planted solidly on earth that holds and feeds

Such harmony with nature this is what my spirit needs

Slowly lips begin to smile as no-one else will know

Time to pause and just relax, begin to watch the show


Suddenly the shafts of light break through to spear the ground

And in each one a thousand flies appear to dance around

They float and hover , twirl and spin in beams of tapered sun

And each one seems to shout at me ‘yippee I’m having fun’

Watching spellbound as they whirl within the cone of light

My vision travels upwards until all are gone from sight


Breeze blows soft, caressing leaves that sway and break the beam

But not enough to interfere and spoil my silent dream

Slowly, gently, eyes close down, my vision’s from within

And floating softly in my mind , a new show can begin

My face upturned, my spirit soars into the beam of light

Warms and calms all silent fears that crept around last night


And so the beauty all around’s absorbed and held within

In just the way the sunny warmth caresses through my skin

Mousehold springtime once again can haunt me with its charms

Its peaceful morning magic dodging capture in my arms

All too soon the moments passed , I hear the distant hum

Of traffic on the ring road and a new day has begun……