Mousehold Heath Defenders






Sun blazing down on a very hot day

Heating the ground to a crisp

Clouds non-existent in glorious blue

Wind just a will-o-the-wisp


Surrounding the heath there’s a frenzy of cars

Roaring like bulls on the run

Surrounding the gorse are a frenzy of flies

Buzzing around in the sun


Yet here under my tree an oasis of calm

With the glare merely drizzling past

Breeze tickling leaves in a dance just for me

And I’m hoping this moment will last


Tricky beside me is sniffing a fern

Then he lazily looks up at me

I smile then I bend to pick up his stick

That he found at the base of the tree


Just one more moment to capture and keep

In that space in my mind where they lay

Those moments to nurture and cherish

That sustain me through life day by day


I know that I’ll always have memories

To recall when the going gets tough

So my heart and my mind I keep open

To collect them, so I’ll have enough.