Mousehold Heath Defenders






Hush, Tricky, be quiet now and I won’t say a word

Because nothing has been here, not even a bird

has set foot on this brilliant blanket of white

That’s been drifting down steadily, all through the night


Hush, we’ll creep off now, before dawn starts the day

There’ll be no cars or people to get in the way

Stars are still twinkling, tiny holes in the dark

Whilst down on the ground, diamonds echo and spark


The silence is total, it is crushing my ears

Filling my soul and quelling my fears

The beautiful sight is bombarding my eyes

My breath, clearly visible, catches and sighs


There is just you and I in this glittering bubble

Mother Nature’s created without effort or trouble

The future’s before us, a clean unmarked sheet

The choice of direction, is placed at my feet……..